Free Website For Help With Weightlifting Exercises



TrainOnline offers tons of free fitness videos along with other things like articles about fitness. The website includes hundreds of well shot videos with expert advice on how to perform the movements safely. You can access a lot of the site’s content without signing up at all, although if you want to talk to others on the forums, create workouts and track your favorite exercises, you’ll need an account. Memberships cost $20 for a whole year. You can save videos under favorites, and then incorporate them into your workout routine. Under each video, it will tell you what the movement is considered to be beneficial for, and what muscle groups are involved.


Fun Way For “Nerd” Students To Look At Fitness

Nerd Fitness

nerd fit.png

Nerd Fitness is a website designed to be fun and interactive for people that would consider themselves “nerds” but still want to be physically fit. Nerd Fitness is built on the idea that normal people (desk jockeys, nerds, and average joes) “level up” their lives when it comes to fitness. Once an individual signs up with their email on Nerd Fitness, they can create and customize their profile and start completing fitness adventures, quests, and beat boss challenges that help to reach their fitness goals. I personally think that this website offers a great alternative to the standard workout programs that are out there because of how different and interactive Nerd Fitness’ website is. Any program that can get high school or college students that consider themselves “nerds” to go out and complete fitness challenges in order to earn experience and level up their character on the site is a great way to make fitness a fun experience for everyone.


StrongLifts 5×5: A Great Website Of A Workout Program For Beginners

StrongLifts 5×5


StrongLifts 5×5 is based on the idea of starting extremely light in weight in any compound movement and each week, increasing weight to each movement. The idea beyond this is that with each week, the individuals body will grow accustomed to the weight and will be able to handle more weight the following week. This type of ideology represents exactly what simple strength training is trying to express to high school and college level students. Some great features of the website is that it explains in depth why and how StrongLifts 5×5 is a great program and how it works. The website also has videos showing and explain various lifts to even more insure that individuals understand how to perform the lifts properly. Personally, I really believe in StrongLifts 5×5 and think it’s a tremendous program and workout program for beginners because I even used StrongLifts 5×5 when I first started working out.