Strength Training Can Help Change Obesity Rates

The overall message of the PSA shares the prevalence of bad health behaviors and statistics on obesity. Much of the data reflects children, and that the majority of children who are obese, remain obese as adults. This data is worse than most may believe, and shows just how common eating fast food and being obese really is. Weightlifting is something that can be done by individuals who are obese, because it can be adjusted and done at your own pace. Once the obese individual gets more into the routine, the weight will start to disappear, and most likely, eating habits will also become healthier. Once an individual becomes dedicated to weightlifting, eating junk food is less of a craving. I believe that if people started paying more attention to how bad the statistics really are, they would start taking actions to better their health like strength training.


Your Weight Can Hold You Back

This public service announcement is about the topic of obesity and how obesity can negatively affect individuals’ lives. Obesity or excess weight can make individuals unable to do simple activities like playing outside with their kids or even walking up stairs. Obesity or excess weight also negatively affects individuals’ health and can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and even stroke. I personally think that this public service announcement does a great job to inform listeners about the potential risks of obesity in a small amount of time. I also think that students should understand that excess weight and obesity is usually preventable and/or can be treated with proper diet and exercise.


You can always make a change for the better

This PSA provides us with an example that we can change for the better as it concerns our physical fitness. It doesn’t matter whether someone decides to sprint, do pull ups on monkey bars, or lift weights; the true purpose of all of that is to become more physically fit. I personally think that this PSA does a great job to highlight that people can change physically for the better if they chose to. It also points out that people can be creative in how they decide to improve their physical fitness, which I think is a great concept.