Local Café That Specializes In Healthy Smoothies And Organic Juice Blends



LIFEbar has two locations, one in Lexington, and one located directly on 1570 Bardstown Rd. Hours: Monday-Saturday from 8-7pm, Sunday from 11-5pm. LIFEbar specializes in signature superfood smoothies, fresh organic juice blends, vegetable blends, “healthy life shots,” and even “enhancer blends.” The mission of LIFEbar is to “provide the public with a warm and friendly atmosphere that provides healthy drinks made with superfood herbs, raw and cooked foods from fresh, organic and local produce, that tastes great, provides better-quality nutrition, and enhances overall health and well-being. These quick on the go drinks are a great supplement to add to your diet, especially after a workout. Each drink on the menu shows exactly what is put into it, and how many calories are in it. Some drinks focus on protein, which is a must after a workout.


Local Gym For Bellarmine Students

Bellarmine University’s SuRF (Sport, Recreation and Fitness Center)


The SuRF (Sport, Recreation and Fitness Center) serves Bellarmine University students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This local facility offers group classes for different activities like yoga, meditation, and even special classes like butts and guts. The SuRF is completely free for all current Bellarmine University students, faculty, staff, and current paying Veritas Society members. A 12 month individual alumni membership is $150.00. A 12 month individual Bellarmine University Sponsor is $175.00. SuRF members can also bring one guest and purchase a day pass for their guest for $3.00. The SuRF is open Monday-Thursday from 7am-11pm, Friday from 7am-9pm, Saturday from 9am-5pm, and Sunday from 2pm-9pm. The SuRF is a great place for students and staff that are looking to better themselves in terms of fitness and offers a variety of activities like basketball, free weights, and plenty of machines like treadmills and ellipticals.