Strength Training Improves Quality Of Life

10 Reasons To Strength Train


The overall message of this infographic is to share all the benefits that come along with strength training, especially the ones that people may not know, and may be surprising. One of the statistics on the infographic is adding just two lifting sessions a week can reduce body fat by 7 percent. With so many people working out who just want to trim down on their body fat, this statistic may stick out to someone who previous thought the only way to lose fat was to do aerobic exercise. The major benefits pointed out in this infographic are: lower blood pressure, improved sleep patterns, boosted metabolism, increased levels of dopamine, and decreased effects of aging. This infographic shows all the health benefits in comparison to a person living a sedentary lifestyle, where no lifting is involved. I believe this infographic shares really great statistical data that may be a great influence to make someone want to start incorporating weightlifting into their workout regimen.


The Truth About What Our Bodies Need


This infographic shows multiple health and fitness statistics that represent what we need to be doing physically and how much we should be eating and drinking water. The most shocking statistic for me is that only 27% of the total adult population attend some type of gym. This statistic seems extremely low than what I would have imagined it would be at. It also shows helpful parameters on diet, exercise, weight loss, and intake needs. The overall message of this infographic is that adults do not take enough action to maintain their basic health needs. I personally think this infographic does a great job to highlight what adults need to do and eat to maintain their health, it promotes different types of fitness, and does a great job showing exactly how prevalent this health problem is to the adult population.