Weightlifting Targets Your Entire Body

Is It Possible To Spot Reduce Fat?


Ric Drasin, a Physical Trainer points out that everyone works out for different reasons. Usually, someone is focused on a “target area.” First, he takes women who come into the gym looking to lose fat on the thighs or butt. Drasin points out that going into the gym and doing heavy leg press will only add muscle to the area, increasing the size. What he says you must do is very light weight for 20-30 reps. Hours of cardio is not going to help. After 20 minutes the body starts to burn muscle, not fat, which actually makes you start to feel like you are getting more fat. Drasin points out that weight resistant training along with a healthy diet (high protein, low-carbs) will give you muscle shape and contour, and the ability to shed the fat.


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