Shoulder Press Utilizes The Whole Body

Men’s Fitness – How To Do A Perfect Shoulder Press

shoulder press

Many people know the basic movement of the press (also referred to as shoulder press or military press) increases muscle and strength to the deltoid muscles, but many do not realize that the shoulder press can also help carve harder abs and increase bench press performance as well. According to Jim Wendler, a strength coach in Ohio states that the shoulder press activates more core muscles than and crunch, and helps build the strength to heave bigger loads on every upper-body lift. This movement can be done with dumbbells, or the barbell. There are also two different types of press which are variations for more muscle. First is the “Push Press.” To do the push press, from the starting position, bend your hips and knees slightly as if you were about to jump. Bounce back up quickly, straightening your hips and knees, and explosively press the bar overhead. The other variation is the “Bradford Press.” For this variation, press the bar up as normal, but leave a little bend in your elbows at the top. Lower the bar behind your head, then press it back up. This move keeps all the stress on the deltoids.



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