Potential Emotional Benefits From Weightlifting

U.S. News – Can Weightlifting Treat Depression?

Weightlifting woman

Becky Stuto, a 45-year-old associate clinical social worker has battled depression for 13 years. Stuto has never tried medical treatments for her depression, instead she has tried to control her depression mostly through aerobic exercise, healthy eating and sufficient sleep. However, it wasn’t until she began powerlifting last summer that she experienced the type of relief more frequently associated with depression treating drugs. Stutz talks about how after weightlifting her confidence improved and her depression levels were significantly reduced. According to Michael Parent, an assistant professor of counseling psychology at Texas Tech University (who is a competitive body builder) states: “it enhances mood, it will help with sleep…it helps people feel better about their body.” With all the confidence and positives that come along with weightlifting it is not a surprise that weightlifting can significantly reduce depression. People have something to take pride in and can see their accomplishments and hard work be put into something.


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