Resistance Training Health Benefits

Bodybuilding – Benefits Of Strength Training! The Principles Of An Effective Program


Recent research supports that resistance exercise training has profound effects on the musculoskeletal system, contributes to the maintenance of functional abilities, and prevents osteoporosis, sarcopenia (loss of body mass), lower-back pain and other disabilities. Resistance training also positively affects risk factors such as insulin resistance, resting metabolic rate, glucose metabolism, blood pressure, and body fat, which are associated with diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Research also indicates that virtually all the benefits of resistance training are likely to be obtained in two 15-to-20-minute training sessions a week. The article talks about how controlled resistance training is what people should strive for and doesn’t require the use of heavy resistance. Personally, I think the article did a great job of summing up the benefits of resistance training especially when it comes to health benefits and countering health problems that the majority of society deals with.


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